Committed to making "Farassoo Lifetime Clients", through accountability, innovation, integrity, and quality.  The Farassoo group comprises over 8 operating companies in five business sectors: communications and information technology, engineering and manufacturing, retailing, distribution and marketing. The group has operations in more than 5 countries across three continents, and its companies provide products and services to 23 countries. The Farassoo Group has grown with the IT market, and while best known for IT hardware products, it is globally recognized through its involvement in the designing, branding, manufacturing, distribution and retailing sectors. As one of the Middle East's most respected and successful businesses, the Farassoo Group, today operates in the Middle East and international markets. The highly qualified, experienced and professional multi-national team now exceeds 500 - and this is expected to continue to grow in line with planned expansion. The major subset companies of Farassoo Group are Farassoo Ind. Co., Lavan Pearl, Espeero, FHC Corporation, Farin FZCo., and Lavan Marketing Institute. Farassoo Group combines a potent blend of retail marketing concepts and strategies with the accelerating power of leading-edge technology. We'll help you acquire new customers, build loyalty and stimulate sales through enhanced knowledge of your customer base. Farassoo Group's distribution division of brand portfolio includes FARASSOO, acron*, UCare, Cordia, Avira, Hp, Tonb. Espeero distributes more than 3,000,000 items in Middle East every year. It has a well-established network of 2500 retailers, in 23 countries across EMEA that effectively cover the entire region. Farassoo group of companies have always believed in returning wealth to the society they serve. Since its inception in 1990, the name of Farassoo Group has become synonymous with dynamic growth, evidenced by its commitment to develop and grow businesses in multiple sectors. Going forward, Farassoo group is focusing on new technologies and innovation to grow wide its business in middle east and internationally. Farassoo group of companies are building multinational businesses that will achieve growth through excellence and innovation, while balancing the interests of shareholders, employees and civil society. All of our divisions continue to review their processes, provide innovative solutions to assist our clients in the most economical and efficient way, while providing the utmost in quality of customer service.
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Business Sectors  

Computer Peripherals

As the initiative business sector that FARASSOO Group has been involved in, computer peripherals and accessories shape a major share of our business. With three brands in this line, including FARASSOOacron* and Tonb for covering different market segments, we have tried to strengthen our position as the leading company in computing accessories region wide. With the changing atmosphere of user demands in this sector our product offering has been under an ongoing revision to best fit market requirements.

Networking & Security

Having the increasing number of net-enabled devices everywhere, establishing and managing computer networks as well as to boost the physical and digital security level of has turned into a popular need of any computer user. Modems, Routers, Switches, Cables and even Electronic Protection Devices such as Surge Protectors are some of the products that we have so far introduced in this sector. Cordia, is where we have concentrated the efforts to response the demands in Networking and Security.

Healthcare Accessories

Digital world is no more limited to computing devices like computers. Data processing units are spreading on any devices that we may think of and this would surely bring intelligence to our lives. Also there are always simple ways of to do an every-day activity better, easier and more productive. The major spot for us to provide such life enhancer solutions is UCare. Life, Healthcare, Beauty, Fitness, Therapy and Baby Care are 5 distinct areas of application that UCare covers in its product breadth, every day growing and enriching.


Traditional retailing channels are experiencing a wave of changes nowadays. Product supply and management in retail network has been completely mechanized and the procurement, merchandising and sales processes have been integrated thanks to the methods and technologies those have been developed in this field. Providing consultancies, introducing technologies and planning network management solutions is the field that we believe our experiences may help many business owners who are thinking of making their distribution network intelligent. At Lavan Pearl we are eager to share this experiences to make retail networks smart.

Marketing & Advertising

Different businesses, different customers, different requirements, different solutions. Creatively thinking of marketing problems is where many business managers are looking to find helps. Inspecting every single marketing case and providing the rightest and most fitted answer is the offering that will be a great assistance for any business. Designing and conducting marketing researches, developing and executing marketing campaigns through a wide media range with a high focus on online and social media, are the main tasks that our creative marketing and advertising team in Lavan Marketing Institute is delivering its customers.
To review the highlights from the inception of FARASSOO Group you may check our timeline.
1990   FARASSOO establishes.
1993   FCR-2282, the first keyboard of FARASSOO enters to market.
1998   The popular keyboard modeled FCR-2000MX received high attention because of its built –in microphone and key skin.
2000   FARASSOO introduces its first mouse, FM-63 using trackball technology.  The first manufacturing plant of FARASSOO starts its production in Tehransar, Tehran, Iran.
2001   FARASSOO Display series, initiates with 15" LCD monitors.  Attendance in the 1st Electronic and Computer Exhibition of Tehran (ELECOMP) FARASSOO HQ moves to the new and current BLDG.
2002   FC-900, the first webcam by FARSSOO has been added to product range.
2003   FARADRIVE™ Series introduced to the market as the first storage products by FARASSOO.
2004   Sales & Points™ (S&P) starts its activity.  FARASSOO launches Audio and Power Supply Accessories. International presence expands while FARASSOO International (FARIN FZCo) opens its office in Dubai, UAE.
2005   FARASSOO products enter Syria and UAE.  Attending in GITEX2005.
2006   Tonb as the second brand of FARASSOO Group goes public.  FARASSOO unveils pre-assembled PCs. Gaming Accessories are introduced.
2007   FARASSOO products are available in India and Iraq now.  FARASSOO factory in PARAND Industrial Region begins manufacturing. LAVAN 3C Stores opened 5 stores country-wide. FARASSOO supports DISTREE conference as the silver sponsor.
2008   FARASSOO expands to North America through opening USA office.  The production line of mouse, as the second major product line of FARASSOO, starts manufacturing.
2009   acron* brand, the 3rd brand of FARASSOO hits the market.
2010   FARASSOO strengths global presence as opens FARASSOO Hong Kong (FHC) and FARASSOO Canada (CANASO).  FARASSOO announces two new brands; UCare for healthcare products and CORDIA for networking products.